About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to know more how we help children to study and achieve their dreams


Gyankunj’s prime objective is to bridge the gap in the academic opportunities provided to children from well off families and the cavity in the education of students from low income groups families, i.e. academic exposure to digital devices, utility of the internet, institutional grooming in verbal and written skills


Core reason behind starting Gyankunj is to effect change by reducing school dropout rates in targeted communities and equipping them with the soft skills required for the modern world 

1 %
School dropout percentage at secondary level of schools in india
1 %
Parents in underprivileged areas of Delhi feel that higher secondary education does not provide any value
1 K
Students dropped out from schools in 2016, in Delhi alone
1 %
Children and their parents in underprivileged areas of Delhi do not know how to avail online banking and other digital utilities


Our belief is that liberation of weaker sections of our community can tangibly spread change in the long run.