Gyankunj’s vision is to affect change by reducing school drop out rates in targetted communities and equipping them with the soft skills required for the modern world

We are working for the welfare of a targeted group of children between the ages of 13 to

16. These students are enrolled in government schools, and hail from economically, socially

and culturally besieged communities.

Presently, we are teaching 100+ students English, Mathematics & Science. We conduct

digital classes on laptops which we acquired after winning the first position and securing

funding in the competition ‘Seeds of Hope’ organized by Bain & Company, India. We

regularly organise quizzes, debates, visits to museums and other creative activities for the

students. We fund them with a combination of regular donations from like minded

individuals and quarterly fundraisers (latest amount raised: 3 lac INR in a record time of 7


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Our belief is that liberation of weaker sections of our community can tangibly spread change in the long run.